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Single direction, emission-free vibratory plate, ideally suited for vibrating interlocking paving stones.
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Operating width
600 (mm)


Electric vibratory plate AP2560e – 25 kN: Soil and asphalt compaction without emissions

Wacker Neuson’s AP2560e battery-operated vibratory plate offers a completely emission-free work site. This protects the operator and the environment. With its high speed and wide base plate, the AP2560e is ideal for compacting large areas. The base plate, made of heavy-duty nodular cast iron, and stable bearings contribute to the machine’s long service life. With a battery runtime sufficient for a full day’s work, the AP series offers the same performance as engine driven plates.


Starts with a push of a button

The battery can be started easily and reliably with the push of a button, even at low temperatures or at altitudes.

Starting with the push of a button is much more convenient than starting with pulling a cable.

Long running time with one battery charge

One battery charge is usually enough for the typical tasks of a full workday. As a result, the work process doesn’t have to be interrupted by recharging and not replacement battery is required.



Maintenance-free electric motor

Maintenance work is completely eliminated compared to combustion engines For example, there are no problems with dirt accumulation or inferior oil. This significantly reduces maintenance effort and costs over the long service life of the machine.

Direct drive without a V-belt

The motor is mounted directly on the base plate and does not require a V-belt. For this reason, no maintenance is necessary, reducing operating and spare parts costs.



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