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battery-powered rammer allows the operator to work completely emissions-free.
(150mm shoe)
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Electric rammer AS30e: The emission-free specialist for pipe gussets

The AS30e battery-powered rammer allows the operator to work completely emissions-free. In addition to traditional application areas, it is specifically suited for the compaction of pipe gussets and very narrow trench applications. One battery charge is enough to finish all the tasks of an average workday. The battery can be easily changed without tools and can be used for a variety of other Wacker Neuson construction equipment.


No exhaust emissions

  • The operator is not exposed to any exhaust emissions. Therefore, the machine can be used without restrictions in trenches, tunnels and interior spaces. For the operator, work becomes more pleasant and healthy than with fuel-operated machines.
  • Because the machines are emission-free, new applications open up in areas with special requirements for environmental friendliness.


Low energy costs

  • As electric power is much cheaper than fuel, very low operating costs are incurred. The result is substantial savings over the entire long service life of the machine.


Starts with a push of a button

The battery can be started easily and reliably with the push of a button, even at low temperatures or at altitudes.

Starting with the push of a button is much more convenient than starting with pulling a cable.



One battery for all products

The battery can also be used for all other Wacker Neuson battery-powered equipment. This means saving costs when procuring other equipment.

Long running time with one battery charge

One battery charge is usually enough for the typical tasks of a full workday. As a result, the work process doesn’t have to be interrupted by recharging and not replacement battery is required.


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