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Axial-Flow 250 Series

The Axial-Flow 250 series combines harvesters meets the demands of large modern farms and contracting businesses
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7, 8 & 9
Grain Tank Size
Unload Rate
113 l/s


Axial Flow 250 Series

Built for the challenges associated with high-yielding crops, climate change and the need to become ever more efficient, Case IH Axial-Flow® combines are changing the landscape of harvesting-technology yet again. With the latest features including AFS Harvest Command automated harvesting technology, the 250 Series meets the demands of large modern farms and contracting businesses: high-speed harvesting, increased threshing capability even under the most challenging conditions, and delivery of unbeatable grain quality. As inventor of the single Axial-Flow® rotor design on self-propelled combines, Case IH continuously innovates to maximise your productivity. Feeder, rotor, grain tank, unloading system and automatic adjustments are designed to handle large grain throughput and ease your harvest.

The new AFS Harvest Command™ automation system allows the operator the following adjustments:

Automatically-adjusted rotor cage vanes and rotor speed
The rotor speed and new electrical rotor cage vane adjustment will determine the threshing and separation efficiency in all harvesting conditions.  Both are regulated by the new AFS harvest Command option, to control grain loss and grain damage. The rotor cage vane adjustment can be specified as a stand-alone item, either as a manual turnbuckle system or as an in-cab adjusted version.

Automatically-controlled cleaning-fan speed and sieve adjustment
Regardless of whether the combine travels uphill or downhill, and whatever the load on the cleaning system, AFS Harvest Command sets the cleaning fan speed and the sieve opening of all sieves to minimise losses and obtain the cleanest grain sample in the grain tank.

Grain quality camera
The grain quality camera evaluates of the amount of non-grain material and broken grains in the grain sample en-route to the grain tank. These parameters are then used to optimise the threshing and cleaning settings – fully automatically.

Precision equals Performance

Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS™) collect and deliver important data for your management decisions on crop cultivation and cost management. By means of AFS AccuGuide GPS-controlled auto-steering, your combine is guided automatically – with a repeatable accuracy down to 2.5cm, track after track, to reduce overlaps and minimise time and fuel consumption during harvest. Precision farming technology reduces operator fatigue, boosts productivity and lets you exploit the combine’s full capabilities. With AFS Connect™, all your data are transferred to your farm computer in real-time, enabling you to provide instant advice and directions whenever you see the need to make immediate operating adjustments.


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