Wacker Neuson


Single-direction vibratory plate with Honda gasoline engine.


Operating width
400 (mm)


Single-direction vibratory plates BPS: Excellent handling and manoeuvrability on soil and asphalt

The BPS series is distinguished by its outstanding handling capabilities. Moving and turning these vibratory plates on fresh asphalt is unsurpassed in comfort and produces clean finishes with no marks. Even clean finishes at curbs are easy to produce due to the angular side edges of the base plate. The guide handle responds precisely to steering movements while still achieving low hand-arm vibrations of less than 5 m/s², which makes long and comfortable working conditions possible.




Heavy-duty V-belt (BPS, WP)

  • The machine is equipped with a high-quality, durable V-belt, which offers reliable running with ideal power transmission. It is not necessary to readjust the clutch.

Permanently lubricated ball bearings

  • The exciter ball bearings are provided with permanent lubrication. They are always optimally greased and do not have to be serviced. This increases the service life of the machine and minimizes maintenance costs as well as the risk of repairs.



Base plate made of nodular cast iron (GJS700)

  • The base plate consists of very sturdy, durable material, thus reaching a long service life.
  • The high grade material of the base plate contributes to producing perfect surface quality in asphalt compaction.

Base plate optimized for perfect work results

The side edges of the base plate are angled in front and rounded in the rear for precise work along curbs. The bevelled and narrowing shape prevents tracks from being created in the fresh asphalt when turning the machine. This shape makes it easy to produce high-quality, smooth asphalt surfaces.





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