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Combine Harvesters Headers

5 Header options for the Case IH Axial-Flow Combine Harvesters
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Any combine is only as good as its header. To obtain high performance output from a combine, high capacity feeding is key, and there is no better match for a Case IH Axial-Flow® combine than a Case IH header designed to complement its capabilities and maximize its output potential. Our headers are designed to perform at their best in all conditions: for maximum productivity, perfect stubble height and no straw and ear losses, whatever the harvesting conditions may be.

Grain headers

4,9 TO 12,5 M
Our focus at Case IH has always been to make combines that perform in demanding conditions, dry or damp also in tough green straw and dry brittle short crop. The design of the 3050 grain header means it can handle everything from heavy cereals to canola, whether standing or laid down. With its robust design and easy-to-operate nature, the 3050 grain header is the combine operator’s harvest tool.

Corn headers

6, 8, 12 AND 16 ROWS
Case IH 4400 series corn headers offer excellent picking ability in both standing and down corn, increasing grain savings in all circumstance. What’s more, they offer unrivalled ease of servicing to ensure they are ready for work in no time at all, and perform in all harvesting conditions. The dividers are key to pick up layed crop or seperate tangled corn plants. They have a considerable influence on the result of the harvest. The narrow, smooth profile and the flatter angle of 4400 series dividers guarantees the picking-up of corn plants with minimal cob losses. An optional layed crop spiral auger insures that all corn is captured at the end of the header, for reduced cob loss in tall or down corn harvest conditions. The result is productivity as never before. The first principle of 4400 header series design was to maximise grain savings. Industry-exclusive unique corn retention louvres channel loose kernels into the auger, so that nothing falls back onto the field.

Pick-up headers

4,45 TO 5,36 M
Pick up the largest windrows
Cereals, canola, beans, peas, lentils, grass seed and any other crops, the 3000 pick-up header range is the solution to them all. It gently lifts swaths cleanly and tidily with minimal seed losses. The swath is transported gently on the belts to the combines’ feeder. The pick-up belts cover the total width of pick up, guaranteeing the gathering of all material without running over adjacent swaths. Extra picking fingers increase the performance in tough conditions. Pick-up belt speed can be adjusted to combine forward speed, for maximum thoroughness of lifting and minimal grain losses. The swath remains intact until it reaches the combine’s internals.

Flex headers

6,1 TO 10,68 M
Soyabean specialist
Low-growing and low-podded crops such as soybeans present their own challenges at harvest, but with a Case IH 3020 Flex header on the front of your Axial-Flow®, you’ll have the best tool for the task. For high-speed harvesting with minimal losses, there’s nothing to match the 3020. It’s the specialist for harvesting crops growing close to the soil, with a 15cm flex range meaning it floats over the ground contours, hugging them to gather every single pod and bean without soil contamination.

Draper headers

7,63 TO 13,72 M
Gentle on the crop
Case IH 3100 series Draper headers are designed to not only match today’s faster field speeds, tougher crop conditions and changing environments, but take on tomorrow’s challenges as well. The 3100 Draper header range is designed to easily handle highspeed harvesting in scarcer straw conditions. Crop is conveyed gently across the draper floor and fed heads-first into the combine.
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