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Dual View Dumper with the 180° rotation maintains an excellent view of the skip.
Visibility is unmatched with the 360° view
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6000 (kg)
L x W x H
4.4 x 2.2 x 3.4 (m)
55 (%)


Dual View Dumper DV60: Compact, off-road site dumper

With the Dual View Dumper concept, safety has been redefined. The rotatable operator’s seat is easy and efficient to use. With the 180° rotation, the operator maintains an excellent view of the skip with its content as well as the work area. Visibility is unmatched with the 360° view. In the main direction of travel, the operator has a perfect field of vision, similar to a truck, and with the hydrostatic drive system with automatic ECO mode, valuable time and money are saved on the construction site. As a result, the machines are comfortable to operate. Comfort features in the control stand/operator area as well as outside of the machine were included in the development. Comfortable step heights when entering and exiting, extensive storage options and comfort round off the overall package.


Hydrostatic 4-wheel drive with automatic ECO mode

Just hop on and go: with the hydrostatic 4-wheel drive, the operator can concentrate on his work without frequent gear shifting.

A continuously constant tractive force from 0 to the maximum speed and a hydrostatic brake provide for a comfortable driving experience.

The machine’s automatic ECO mode is an asset to cost and environmentally-conscious users as it ensures minimal consumption with optimum power use.


Sturdy skip guard

The skip guard protects the operator and the cab from falling material, even while driving.

It provides for additional safety even during loading. The protective skip grating was designed and tested for this, based on ISO 10262, front protective grating Level 2.

The skip grating can even withstand an impact from an excavator bucket with the maximum force effect of a 15 metric-ton excavator.




Spring-loaded parking brake

The spring-loaded parking brake is automatically activated when the engine is switched off. The user does not have to operate it manually. Manual electro-hydraulic actuation is also possible via the toggle switch.

The wear-free design makes it very durable and reliable.



Auto-stop function

The built-in auto-stop function switches the machine off after 5 minutes without use. This period of time can be adjusted and the operator is notified visually and acoustically before switching off.

Electrical loads, such as headlights, are also switched off to conserve the machine’s battery. Operating costs are reduced, maintenance intervals are extended and resale value increases.

The resulting reduction in engine running time reduces exhaust emissions/CO2.



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