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Tracked conventional excavator with VDS
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Digging depth
2483 (mm)
Max dumping depth
2713 (mm)
L x W x H
4049 x 990 - 1300 x 2295 (mm)


Tracked conventional excavator ET20: Stability meets specially developed boom

The compact excavator ET20 not only shows what it can do with its powerful drive system, but also offers a variety of innovative features and options. The ET20 achieves perfect excavation results and high stability thanks to its specially developed longer travel gear and the boom, which is designed precisely for it. With the hydraulically pilot-operated drive pedals, the excavator can be controlled precisely with the feet.


With VDS you work more productively

The vertical digging system compensates for slopes of up to 15 degrees, making it possible to vertically excavate on a slope. This is not only ergonomic for the driver, but it also saves time and also means less excavated material.

Up to 25 percent material and time savings when excavating and filling. Safe working and higher stability in sloping spaces.

The same swing power over 360 degrees allows fatigue-free work with the seat position remaining the same.



Second cabin door for entry and exit on both sides

The excavator cabin can be optionally equipped with a second driver’s door. This makes getting in and out easier, especially in narrow or sloped spaces.


Comfortable, fully glazed cab

The large, fully glazed and tiltable cabin with roof window offers the operator an optimal 360° visibility of his work area. This gives the operator a good view of his working area, colleagues and any dangers. Meanwhile, available despite this.

It can be easily disassembled for service and repair work. All hydraulic functions of the excavator meanwhile remain available despite this.


Powerful drive system

  • Thanks to the high performance of the drive system, the maximum power of the excavator is available at every point of operation. This brings up to 30% higher power for an even better performance.


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