Loadmac 225 Ultra

This truck mounted forklift
Has a 2500kg lifting capacity
and is designed to keep drivers safe
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Lift Capacity
2500 kg
Load Centre
600 mm
Truck length (23” front wheel)
2200 mm
Truck Width
2280 mm
Truck height to cab roof
2206 mm


Consistently regarded as the driver’s favourite truck mounted forklift, the Loadmac 225 Ultra is designed to keep operators safe, comfortable and working at their most productive.

All Loadmac truck mounted forklifts undergo an industry leading triple-coat paint process throughout, providing the highest levels of weather protection. What’s more, all switches and control panels are P66/1P67. For further durability, all Loadmacs feature coated hoses, corrosion resistant chains and componentry from world-renowned suppliers.

  • Superior Visibility
  • Operators enjoy excellent all-round visibility from their position on the left side, while the low bonnet design reduces blind spots on the right. The result is increased productivity and safety for those inside and outside of the machine.
  • Ergonomic Controls
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Simple to Service

Routine checks and maintenance are a vital part of keeping your machine working at its best. The Loadmac is designed to make routine maintenance quick and easy with convenient ground level access to the battery, engine compartment and all essential maintenance and lubrication points.


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