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Maxxum Series

Maxxum models benefit from the Activedrvie 4 transmission
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Standard Maxxum models may be the entry level tractors in the range, but they are equipped with a specification that’s comprehensive by any measure, with just the right level of technology to meet modern-day demands. They benefit from the ActiveDrive 4 transmission with 16F/16R 40 km/h four-speed powershift.

Whether you’re a farmer or a contractor, we know you take pride in what you do and how your business appears to others. That’s why we’ve made Maxxum the most stylish mid-rangers we’ve ever produced, while ensuring they remain easy to operate and maintain. These are tractors you’ll be proud to own, proud to operate.


Maxxum Multicontroller models make both tractor and operator more productive, courtesy of the trademark Case IH Multicontroller. And now, with the new 24F/24R ActiveDrive 8 eight-speed powershift transmission, which features automatic shifting, Maxxum Multicontroller models are even easier to operate.

Now there’s a fresh line-up, featuring improvements and developments that take these tractors ahead in every area, once again setting new standards for this power class. Whether you’re looking for a manoeuvrable livestock farm workhorse or an arable tractor capable of handling field and road duties with equal ease, Maxxum Multicontroller remains the name to remember.


The Case IH CVXDrive transmission, available on Maxxum models from 116-145hp, suits all operators, from full-time staff to occasional drivers. And with a new 175hp (max) sixcylinder Maxxum 150 CVX at the top of the range, there’s now a choice of four- or six-cylinder models at this power level.

From the outside, you’ll notice that Maxxum CVX tractors look strikingly different to their predecessors, with sharp fresh styling and improved lighting. But it’s what you can’t initially see that makes these tractors so different to their forebears. From the latest FPT engines – more frugal, cleaner and with greater power outputs than before – to operating feature updates designed to make your life easier.

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