Merlo P50.18Plus

The P50.18 Plus has a lift capacity of 4 tonnes and a maximum lift height of 17.5m.
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Lift height
17.5 m
Maximum reach
13.5 m
Maximum load capacity
5000 kg
Stage V Perkins engine
115 hp


The P50.18 Plus stands out for the new high-comfort cab, for the completely renewed axles, for the use of technology that increases safety standards and an unparalleled level of performance and efficiency. This model has been developed to meet the needs of every construction site, Rental Company and large construction company, ensuring record performance and economy efficiency.

A telescopic handler that has NO EQUALS on the market.

The PANORAMIC 50.18 Plus stands out for the new high-comfort cab, for the completely renewed axles, for the use of technology that increases safety standards and an unparalleled level of performance and efficiency.

All stabilized models can be configured with aerial work platform. This solution assures an increased level of active and passive safety during work at heights, and enhances machine versatility.



The models are easy to use and feature a simple interface. Developed to meet the needs of every construction site, as well as rental and large construction companies, they guarantee exceptional performance and economic efficiency.
These models’ most salient features include:

  • Precise and powerful hydraulics with Load Sensing technology
  • EPD transmission with maximum speed of 33 km/h
  • modular cab with a space and glazed surface that is unequalled in its category


An unprecedented design guarantees maximum functionality and comfort; the information provided to the
driver and the controls of the various systems and devices are grouped for optimal ergonomics. The reverse shuttle
on the steering wheel is also present on the Joystick.

In order to ensure maximum operational safety whilst handling different tools, the stabilized telehandlers
are equipped with cursors that inhibit some hydraulic functions, thus avoiding unintentional operation. For
example, if using a winch, it is possible to block the rotation of the carriage by keeping the implement cable at the right angles.



This model comes with the new ASCS system (Adaptive Stability Control System) in Light version. This tool allows ensuring the maximum operational safety of the machine in any condition.

The ASCS (Adaptive Stability Control System) safety system ensures perfect risk prevention of the machine tipping over frontally when handling a load. The system regulates the speed and maximum degree of movement according to
three operating parameters:

• Handled load: Kg of material lifted
• Load position: reach, boom extension and carriage rotation
• Implement in use: automatically recognised by the ASCS system.



The Plus Version offers a 10.1″ colour screen and it allows:

  • Displaying the capacity diagram, updated in real time
  • Setting and managing the geometric limits of machine use
  • Setting and adjusting the maximum speed of hydraulic movements
  • Finally, the display continuously shows the inclinometer to maximise the safe use of the machine.




The PANORAMIC telescopic handlers are equipped, as standard, with two unique devices that have always set the Merlo telescopic handlers apart from the rest: the transversal levelling of the chassis and the boom side-shift.

The levelling makes it possible to recover transversal slopes,both by operating on tyres and stabilisers,

allowing for a perfectly vertical lifting of the boom and guaranteeing maximum safety conditions.

The exclusive Boom Side Shift allows the load to be positioned without further manoeuvring, saving time and improving machine’s productivity: the system allows for a boom side-shift up to 870mm.



This system is built into the machines’ frame, and allows for the lateral movement of the telescopic boom
to ensure precise load positioning, with no need for additional manoeuvring, thereby saving time, reducing
stress, and improving the machine’s productivity.

The boom side-shift maximises operational precision, reducing the processing times, thanks to the horizontal displacement of the load with telescopic handler at a standstill. This movement reaches 445mm per side without compromising the vehicle’s stability and safety.


The active boom suspension system (BSS) is available as an option, which protects the load during transfer and maintains a high level
of driving comfort on rough terrain. The suspension is automatically deactivated at low speed (below 3 km/h), for boom maximum precision
and power.


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