Stock - Mulcher MO2500

NEW - Mulcher MO2500
Single - Rotor rotary cutter mounted


BEDNAR Mulcher MO is mounted with a single-rotor, rotary cutters for low-efficiency tractors (60 HP), which are manufactured with a working width of 2.25m. Thanks to the small dimensions (a width of 2.45m and a length of 3.05m), weight of the
machine (750 kg) and hook-up to a 3-point linkage (cat. II.) the MO rotary cutter excels and can be manoeuvred with ease, that enables it to work in some very challenging terrain. Just like the MZ and MM the MO type also has a zinc-coated surface which
substantially prolongs its lifespan. The machine can be customised with iron plating for safe operation in harsh conditions.
Easy manoeuvrability in combination with a high output predetermined the machine to be used in those areas where accessibility is challenging whilst still requiring a steady high daily output despite the conditions.


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