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first exclusively electric-powered wheel loader by Wacker Neuson.
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H x W
1928 - 2351 x 1076 (mm)
Dumping height
2031 mm


Wheel loader WL20e: Electric, practical, emission-free

The WL20e is the first exclusively electric-powered wheel loader by Wacker Neuson.
Its performance features are equal to those of a conventional diesel-powered machine; the tipping load is even increased due to the higher operating weight. The WL20e works fully emissions-free on site and with significantly lower noise pollution. For the end user, this means greater flexibility in application, environmental protection and significant savings on operating costs.

Low operating costs
Operating costs over the life of the machine are reduced by approximately 41% for an electrically-powered machine compared to a diesel-powered machine due to lower energy and maintenance costs.

The somewhat higher investment costs for an all-electric machine are amortized over an average machine service life after a certain period of time, depending on usage behaviour and application area. The all-electric drive is always the more cost-effective alternative in the long run.


Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL20e, Hill Hold function

Automatic Hill-Hold function

When driving on slopes, the machine is held in place by the hill-hold function for the first 5 seconds after coming to a standstill. After that, the negative brake on the electric motor engages. This is always 100% equivalent to an applied handbrake so the machine cannot roll away unintentionally. This increases safety and comfort for the operator.

The electric parking brake is not activated for short stops, it is only activated after 5 seconds of standstill to counteract wear.

The braking behaviour is similar to a machine with a classic hydrostatic drive. So the operator does not have to get used to driving a completely electrically-powered machine.


Maintenance-free and leak-proof: AGM battery

AGM “Absorbent Glass Mat”. This battery has a sealed design. This means that leakage is not possible and the battery is maintenance-free, with no formation of oxyhydrogen gas.

The AGM battery is characterized by low temperature sensitivity in relation to the outside temperature. This means that it can be used all year round.

The risk of fire is reduced with the AGM battery compared to a Li-ion battery. In addition, there is no memory effect on the battery.


Rear hydraulic connections

The machine can be equipped with rear hydraulic connections (single or double-acting). This increases the machine’s range of applications because rear hydraulic attachments or tipper trailers can also be operated.

The various rear hydraulic options expand the machine’s range of applications and offer more flexibility in use. One machine can be used multifunctionally for different activities, no additional vehicles or machines are needed.






Fold-down operator’s canopy EPS (Easy Protection System)

  • Compact wheel loaders can be equipped with the fold-down operator’s canopy EPS (Easy Protection System). This complies with the current European Machinery Directive according to ROPS and FOPS protection. With a few hand movements, the EPS can be prepared manually for a low clearance height.
  • EPS increases the flexibility of the machine, as it can even pass through low passages. Also, the application areas of the machine are expanded. In other cases where several machines might have to be used, just one machine can get the work done. At the same time, the operator’s safety remains guaranteed.



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