In June 2023 Wm W. M. Rose & Sons Ltd were proud to take on the McCormick dealership.

McCormick, is one of the 3 historical brands under a single company Argo Tractors. Argo Tractors represents a reality capable of offering a high quality product at a competitive market price, which can be achieved only through economies of scale, flexible production processes and a solid organisation.

Argo Tractors is today one of the most important agricultural tractor manufacturers in the world.

McCormick full range

McCormick, with its range of tractors at the top of their class in terms of technology, comfort and safety, and with all the strengths of its American origins, has positioned itself as the brand of reference for high-performing products, which are able to meet the most advanced global performance expectations.

Why choose McCormick


The VT-Drive transmission is a continuously variable transmission (CVT) developed by McCormick that provides an infinite number of speed ratios from zero to the maximum speed permitted in the country of use. This transmission offers four speed ranges to suit different operating requirements:

RANGE 2 FIELD 1 0.5 – 12 KM/H
RANGE 3 FIELD 2 0.5 – 21 KM/H
RANGE 4 TRANSPORT 0.5 – 40 or 50 KM/H


The electronic unit takes control of the engine speed and transmission ratio (in accordance with the settings of the droop potentiometer (P) (fig.B) integrated into the armrest) in order to achieve the required speed.
The operator sets the engine speed using the hand throttle.
The electronic unit takes control of the transmission ratio in order to achieve the required speed with the PTO on.
The operator sets the engine speed using the hand throttle.
The electronic unit takes controls of the transmission ratio in order to achieve the required speed.
The operator selects the tractor travel speed and this remains constant.

McCormick Loader

McCormick is committed to constantly improving the performance of its equipment and to set the benchmark for uncompromising quality and design in front loader construction. True to its tradition of excellence, McCormick has developed five new ranges of front-end loaders that will surprise you with their strength, clean design and performance.

Designed to be fully compatible with the entire range of McCormick tractors – from the 47-hp X2 model to the 310-hp X8 model – this new line-up of front loaders is built with versatility in mind and will cover a variety of agricultural and forestry applications as well as municipal tasks like the maintenance of green areas and snow removal during the winter months.

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The ISOBUS system meeting the ISO-11783 standard allows the operator to control the implements without having to install a dedicated control unit inside the cab. The system utilizes the tractor CANBUS network and allows the operator to manage the implement operating parameters and performance via a dedicated menu in the DSM monitor.
The ISOBUS system allows communication between tractor, implement and on-board computer by synchronizing the data exchange for improved operating efficiency.


The optional satellite-based guidance system is controlled via a dedicated 8.4” touchscreen monitor in conjunction with a satellite antenna fitted on the roof of the tractor cab.


PSM- Precision Steering Management for control of the satellite guidance system. Specially designed for professional farmers, this technology delivers up to 2 cm accuracy with RTK guidance system, making it ideal for field applications. Greater accuracy means lower cost per worked unit area.

Configuration and control of the ISOBUS system with management of advanced implement section and task controller functions. The ISOBUS system can be controlled also via the DSM monitor.

McCormick Fleet & Remote Diagnostic Management:

– Monitoring the fleet by visualising the location of the vehicles and measuring their efficiency with parameters such as speed, engine rpm and fuel consumption.

– Data analysis to establish the productivity and performance of each tractor and work out the economic returns of operations.

– Remote diagnostics for troubleshooting, so as to reduce downtime and extend machine life.

– Registration of working data to update the farm book.

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McCORMICK FINANCE is a partnership between Argo Tractors S.p.A and De Lage Landen International B.V. Both companies have been working closely together for many years to offer you the best possible financial services. Below you will find the current financing tables from McCORMICK FINANCE for attractive financing solutions.

DLL is a 100 percent subsidiary of the Dutch Rabobank and has been active in the market as a leasing company and bank since 1969. Due to this many years of experience, DLL can offer you a wide range of solutions. We have been working together with McCORMICK FINANCE in a spirit of trust and partnership for many years.

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Warranty Extension / Maintenance options

The performance and efficiency of our tractors are guaranteed over time and certified through the warranty extension which protects your investment for up to 5 years or 5000 working hours.


Does your agricultural machine need maintenance? Our fully trained engineers will maintain your agricultural machines and equipment regularly and be at your side quickly in urgent cases. If required, directly on you!.

Wm W. M. Rose & Sons Ltd engineers have been fully trained on the products ranges and have experienced engineers.

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