Merlo product portfolio consists of a complete range of telescopic handlers, both fixed and rotating, DBM self-loading concrete mixers, Treemme municipal and forestry tool carriers and Cingo multi-purpose tracked transporters.
All products in the Merlo range are characterised by innovation, technology and reliability, which have always been distinctive features of the Group and have gained market confidence.

In February 2019 Wm W. M. Rose and Sons Ltd were proud to become dealers for Merlo in the Borders, Lothians and Stirlingshire areas.

Merlo is a an innovative and extremely versatile industrial company that designs, develops and produces most of its components in-house. This makes it possible to always find the best solution for the requirements of the customer.


6 Winning Points


Each Merlo is designed for maximum performance and makes the operator’s job easier and as comfortable as possible.


Merlo telescopic handlers are known worldwide for their extraordinary visibility, thanks to the large 4.3 m² glass surface and the exclusive roof design


The primary objective for Merlo and the M CDC is safety. Learn more about M CDC and its safety features below.


Merlo is all about maximizing productivity and reducing operating costs and consumption.


At Merlo, their strategy is to search for the most cutting-edge innovative solutions that allow the customer a profitable and lasting machine with the utmost respect for safety and the environment.


The Merlo telescopic handlers are compact and lightweight to reduce maneuvering space and impact on the ground. These features guarantee safety, maneuverability, productivity, and lower consumption.

Unique Merlo Quailities

Merlo Dynamic Load Control (MCDC)


It’s the reason behind the MCDC. Now standard on most of the Merlo range, it introduces a completely new approach to the control of operating safety. The system identifies the weight and the position of the load lifted and enters them in a virtual load diagram calculating the stability index. As the index increases, visual and acoustic signals warn the operator that the safety limit is approaching. Once this limit is reached, the system automatically prevents exacerbating movements thereby preventing it from overturning and at the same time allowing the operator to return within the safety parameters.

Exclusive MCDC (Merlo Dynamic Load Control): the system allows you to collect different parameters submitted by the machine, analyse them in real time and create a load diagram that allows the operator, through the new LCD display, to understand the perimeter within he/she can operate in maximum safety.


The exclusive CDC Light system checks the safety parameters of the telehandler in real-time and allows the operator to work in total safety.

Tilting Cab

The exclusive Merlo cab ensures greater levels of comfort, ergonomics and safety. From the driver’s seat the operator can activate the cab’s tilting via the dedicated button. The longitudinal inclination reaches 20°, allowing you to monitor the movements of the load when working at a height.


The exclusive boom side shift, an integrated system in the telescopic arm, allows to position the load without further maneuvering, saving time, avoiding stress, and improving the productivity of the machine.
Maximum safety: the use of the integrated shifter does not in any way limit the performance of the machine.
Great precision: the progressivity and the millimetric control of the movements of the device show unbeatable effectiveness both in the operations in height and in those with the maximum horizontal reach.
Ease of use: the command is through a simple joystick that leaves the operator free to concentrate exclusively on his work.
High productivity: it is no longer necessary to waste time repositioning the machine if it has not been correctly placed.


Does your machine need maintenance? Our fully trained engineers will maintain your agricultural , construction industrial machines equipment regularly and be at your side quickly in urgent cases. If required, directly on your construction site.

Wm W. M. Rose & Sons Ltd engineers have been fully trained on the products range.

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